Bakery Equipment in IndiaBakery Equipment in India

Bakery Equipment in India – Are you planning to start a bakery business in India? If yes, then you need to invest in some quality bakery equipment. Bakery equipment is very important for producing goods such as cookies, pastries and more.

Here, we will discuss some of the types of Bakery Equipment in India India, its features, benefits and prices.

Types of Bakery Equipment in India

There are many types of Bakery Equipment available in India. It all depends upon the size and scale of your business. However, some of the common types are –

Oven – Bakery Equipment in India

An oven is the most important Bakery Equipment in India. It is used to bake the dough into the final product. However, there are many types of Ovens available in India such as deck ovens, rotary ovens and microwave ovens.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages depending upon the temperature control, energy efficiency and space requirement. The oven price ranges between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 Lakhs depending upon the type and brand.

Mixer – Bakery Equipment in India

A Mixer is used to mix the substances of the dough. It includes water, sugar, salt, flour and others.

However, there are many varieties of mixers available in India which include spiral mixtures and horizontal mixers. Each has its functions inclusive of speed, power and so on. The rate of a mixer ranger is from Rs 10,000 to Rs 3 lakhs depending upon the type and brand.

Divider – Bakery Equipment in India

A Divider is used to divide the dough into equal portions for shaping. There are many styles of dividers available in India including automatic, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Each has its accuracy as well as speed. The oven rate ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 3 Lakhs depending upon the type and brand.

Moulder – Bakery Equipment in India

A moulder is used to form the dough into many forms which include buns, rolls, and so forth. Different forms of moulders are available in India such as sheeting moulders and rounding moulders. Each has its functionality. The rate of the oven levels between Rs 30,000 to Rs 4 Lakhs depending upon the type and brand.


A proofer is used to provide an optimal temperature and humidity for the dough to rise before baking. There are many types of proofers available in India such as cabinet proofers, and rack proofers. Each has its capacity and control. The oven price ranges between Rs 40,000 to Rs 5 Lakhs depending upon the type and brand.


A Slicer is used to cut the baked products into uniform slices for packaging as well as selling. There are different types of Slicers available in India such as bread slicers, biscuit slicers etc. Each has its blade speed and size. The oven price ranges between Rs 15,000 to Rs 2 Lakhs depending upon the type and brand.

Bakery Machinery Manufacturers in India

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