Biscuit Processing Machine in India – Mangal Machines is one of the Best Indian manufacturers of Biscuit Processing Machine in India.  We supply equipment and lines for the production of various types of Biscuits and Crackers. Established in 1943, today, we have transformed into the best Biscuit Processing Machine in India. With years of experience in food equipment manufacturing, we are one of the leaders who has received lots of appreciation and domestic and international awards for their technology as well as quality. In addition, we have a team of experienced designers that allow us to design and manufacture equipment for the food industry according to the specifications of the clients to increase their satisfaction.

Mangal Machines – Biscuit Processing Machine in India

When making baked products in a large operation, it is important to have full consistency when it comes to the size, shape and colour of the product. At Mangal Machines we design our bakery production equipment to make consistent hard as well as soft biscuits, wafers etc. From mixing dough to packaging final products, our machines are designed for easy use, installation, and maintenance.

Biscuit Processing Machine in IndiaOur Process Flow –

Flour Mixer – Shaping – Controller – Baking – Spraying Oil – Cooling – Packing

  • First, we need to prepare all the ingredients as well as the flour.
  • Then we have to follow the recipe and place these ingredients in the dough maker.
  • In the next process, the formed dough will go into Shaping machines which include cutting according to the shape of the biscuit.
  • Once the shapes are made the biscuits are sent to Bake in the oven
  • In the next step, the Biscuits go to the Spraying oil machine, for Oiling as well as Flavoring
  • After Spraying Oil, the Biscuits will go to the cooling machine
  • Last, Biscuits will be sent to the packaging

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The Benefit of Biscuit Processing Machines in India

  • This machine occupies only a small area and consumes less. Therefore, any small workshop owner can use this easily
  • No Pollution, No waste
  • Its operation is very simple, so any worker can use this machine after training
  • It can work 24 hours without any problem

Mangal Machinery always uses the latest and modern technology to build Biscuit machines which can provide continuous production of the Biscuits of all good quality without any problem and easily meet the market demands.  Our machine can change the shape of a biscuit by changing the moulds. When you choose us, we are not only providing you with high-quality machinery but also providing you with free installation and maintenance Training.

What Drive us

At Mangal Machines, we intend to be the Best international provider of quality food production equipment that has a high production capacity and encourages creativity in making Bakery products only at affordable rates.  To achieve this, we are investing a lot in controlling the quality of the products and providing great customer service. However, different equipment prices are different, the cost performance is always the major factor. If you require, you can contact our team, we will provide you with the most affordable and effective equipment.

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