Bakery Machinery Manufacturers in India – Based in Patiala, Punjab Mangal Machines specializes in producing innovative equipment for the food processing industry. We can offer you top-quality Industrial Bakery Machines, Catering as well as, and Food Processing Industries.

We provide superior quality products that offer top performance as well as value for money.  All our Bakery machinery is made specifically to meet industry needs and satisfy all food production standards. At Mangal Machines, we develop and manufacture automated machinery as well as equipment for the commercial and industrial food production industry.

Best Bakery Machinery Manufacturers in India

Mangal Machines is providing you with one of the Best Bakery Machinery in India.  All the machines provided by us are very easy to operate and require very little effort.  In addition, our Bakery Processing Machines are very elegant in design and can produce different types of Biscuits, and cookies.

Being one of the leading Bakery Machinery Manufacturers in India, our products have gained a huge appreciation in the market. Because of their durability, high-quality performance, low maintenance etc. Our company also provides you with a full range of Biscuit processing machines from large capacity to small as per your choice. Here you can find the most ideal Biscuit processing machines for your production. You just have to feel free to let us know your needs. We hope we can provide you with the best option.

Our Biscuit Processing Line

Our Biscuit Processing line comes with a compact structure as well as an original design that is fully automatic and developed with the help of Japanese Technology. All the working functions like Mixing, baking and Cooling can be accomplished at the same time. In addition, our Biscuit Processing Machine in India can also be customized as per our client’s requirements and the condition of their workshop.

Flowchart –

Dough Making – Biscuit Making or Shaping – Baking – Oil Sprayer – Cooling – Packing

Why do we need to invest in an Automatic Biscuit Processing Machine?

An automatic Biscuit Manufacturing or processing machine provides various benefits in the entire biscuit-making process. Therefore, it makes it an excellent investment.

Some of these benefits are

Bakery Machinery Manufacturers in India
  • It ensures high-output volume in any phase of a biscuit manufacturer.
  • It is very easy to use as well as does not require any technical skills to operate.
  • This machine is made up of top-quality materials. Hence, It can offer top-quality performance without deterioration.
  • Mixing Section Machinery
  • Dough Feeding Section
  • Forming Section Machinery
  • Biscuit Rotary Cutting Machines
  • Oven
  • Cooling Section Machinery
  • Ancillary Machinery

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