Cracker Making Machine in IndiaCracker Making Machine in India 

Are you looking for a reliable cracker making machine in India? If yes, then you need to consider the product provided by Mangal Machines.

Mangal Machines is a leading Manufacturer of Cracker Making Machines in India. We have more than a decade of experience in offering high-quality cracker making machines.

One of our products is the Hard Dough production line which produces crispy crackers and biscuits in unique shapes.

Our hard production lines consist of a High-speed mixture, laminator, power dough feeder, rotatory cutter, and so on. Our production lines come with various features such as

  • Automatic weight control system to ensure consistent dough quality.
  • Automatic cooling and staking system for easily handling and packaging the products.
  • Variable speed drives to adjust the production speed.
  • PLC Control system for easy operations as well as monitoring.

However, this Hard Dough Production Line can produce up to 2000 kg/hr of crackers of various shapes, sizes and flavours. In addition, this production line is easy to maintain and clean.

Cracker Making Machine in India

Cracker Making machine is a type of biscuit-making machinery that can produce hard dough biscuits as well as crackers. Crackers are one of the most popular snacks in India. They are crispy, crunchy, tasty come in various shapes, sizes and flavours.

Types of Cracker Making Machines

There are various types of Crackers Making Machines in India.

By Production scale

Small Scale Cracker Making Machine in India

A Small-scale cracker-making machine is good for home use or small-scale production. It can produce 10-20 kg of crackers per hour.

In addition, this machine has a simple structure and is low-cost. It consists of a Dough mixer, a dough sheeting machine, a baking oven and a cooling conveyor. This machine is easy to operate and can produce various shapes of high-quality crackers.

Medium Scale Cracker Making Machine in India

A medium-scale cracker-making machine is good for medium-scale businesses. It can produce about 50-100 kg of crackers per hour.

This machine has a more advanced structure and has a higher cost than a small one. It consists of a dough mixer, laminating machine, bakery oven, packaging machine etc. These machines are more versatile than smaller ones.

Large-Scale Cracker Making Machine in India

A Large-Scale Cracker Making Machine is good for large-scale production and for industrial use. It can produce 200-500kg of crackers per hour. These machines have a more complex structure than small or medium machines.

It consists of a Dough mixer, a dough sheeting machine, a baking oven, and an automatic control system. These machines are the most productive among others as well as produce various types of crackers with quality.

Mangal Machines – Manufacturer of Cracker Making Machines

Mangal Machines has engaged itself in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Cracker making and Biscuit-making machines. All are well-recognized in the market for their construction as well as high performance. We are a one-stop solution for a high-performing range of Cracker Making Machines in India.

So far, the Company has sold thousands of Biscuits Making and Processing Machines all over the world. Offered by us in various sizes as well as specifications, our machines are the best for their durability, operations, reliability and excellent performance.

Mangal Machines is here to provide its clients with a variety of customized food processing production line solutions. We offer various categories of equipment to help food producers to increase their food output.

We are an ISO certified Company and all our products meet Indian safety standards. In addition, we have an experienced team to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

Reasons to choose our Company?

  • Affordable Rates
  • Experienced Team
  • High-Quality Products
  • Wide Distribution Network
  • Well Equipped Manufacturing Facility
  • After Sales Service
  • Regular Machine Condition Tracking after installation
  • Food Processing Production Line

We also have experts in equipment selection, installation, training and package design. If you want to learn more about our services then without any hesitation you can contact us anytime. Our team is ready to assist you 24 by seven. We will be more than glad to share our experience and industry experience with you.

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