Cookies Making Machine in India – If you want to purchase Cookies Making Machine in India then dial 0175 – 2360180 and contact Mangal Machines.  Mangal Machines is a leading manufacturer of Cookies Making Machine in India. With years of experience in the industry, we have earned a great reputation for producing high-quality machines that are efficient, reliable as well and easy to use. In this article, you can take a closer look at Mangal Machines and our wide range of Cookies Making Machine in India.

List of Cookies Making Machine in India with Price List

Cookies Making Machines in India
  • Fully automatic cookie drop machine – Price Rs 650000
  • Turbo Model Cookie Depositor – Price Rs 650000
  • Cookie Depositor Machine – Price Rs 650000
  • Twin Depositor machine for double colour cookies – Price Rs 1600000

Mangal Machines – Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Cookies Making Machine in India

Mangal Machines was established in 1943 and it is based in Patiala, Punjab. Our company specialises in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of bakery equipment including Cookies Making Machine in India. Our machines are used by small-scale bakeries, confectionaries and other food processing businesses in India and worldwide. However, the cookie-making machines designed for us are designed to automate the process of making cookies. These machines can produce a wide range of cookies including butter cookies, cream biscuits chocolate cookies and more. In addition, our Cookies Making Machine in India are available in various models and capacities ranging from small-scale machines for home bakers to large-scale machines for commercial production.

Dial – 0175 – 2360180 to Purchase –

Key Features of our Cookies Making Machine in India

  • User-friendly design – One of the critical features of Mangal Machines Cookies Making Machine in India is its user-friendly design. Our machines are easy to operate. It just requires minimal training to use. In addition, they come with the latest features and technologies to prevent the accident and ensure the safety of the operator.
  • Highly Efficient – Our cookie-making machines are also very highly efficient. In addition, they can produce a large number of cookies in a very short time. It is good for businesses, which need huge demand.
  • After-sale service – Mangal Machines also offers after-sales service. Our team of experts provides installation and training to the customers to ensure that our customers can use the machine properly.  We also offer repair and maintenance services to keep your machines up to date.
  • Affordable – A big advantage of our cookie-making machines in India is their affordability. We offer affordable prices for our machines which makes them accessible for all kinds of business sizes.

Commercial Cookies Making Machine in India

Being a leading Manufacturer of Cookies Making Machine in India, Mangal Machines provides one-stop solutions. Such as plant construction, raw material purchase, product testing, equipment installation etc. However, according to the market demand, the company has developed many types of product lines.

Furthermore, Mangal Machines has a team of professional engineers. They can provide high-quality and the best cookie-making machines in India. They use the latest technology and equipment to design as well as manufacture devices suitable for various end-user markets.

Many companies can offer Cookies Making Machine in India. Some most popular companies include –

  • Mangal Machines
  • Ganesh Enterprise
  • Goodlife Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Elegant engineer works
  • machinery point Pvt. Ltd

However, the price of cookies cookie-making machines in India depends upon the type of machine, capacity and features. Generally, semi-automatic cookie-making machines start from 50,000 Rupees while fully automatic machines can cost upwards of 5 Lakh Indian Rupees.

Once you have chosen cookies making machines you need to follow the instructions carefully to operate them.

Following are the steps we have mentioned on how to use a CookiesMaking Machines in India –

  • Prepare the dough, the dough should be soft
  • Feed the dough into the machine
  • The Machine will automatically shape the dough into cookies
  • Cookies will then be cut into the desired size
  • Cookies will be transferred into a cooling tray
  • Once cookies are cooled, they can be packed as well as stored
  • Using a cookie-making machine can help you save time while making cookies.
  • Additional Tips for Using cookies making Machines in India
  • Using high-quality dough. A good quality dough will produce light cookies
  • Don’t overfill the machine
  • Clean the machine after every use
  • With a little care, a cookie-making machine will last for years.


In conclusion, Mangal Machines is a reliable as well as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Cookies Making Machines in India. Our machines are highly efficient, user-friendly, as well as affordable. All makes them an excellent choice for businesses that want to automate their cookie production process. With our commitment to quality as well as customer service, Mangal Machines is a company that businesses can trust for all their food processing requirements.

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