Commercial Dough Mixer in IndiaCommercial Dough Mixer in India

Are you looking for a Commercial dough Mixer in India? If yes, then there are several options available in the market.

A dough mixer is a very important piece of equipment for any Bakery or restaurant. It needs to make large badges of dough regularly. But how do you choose the best one for your requirements?

Best Commercial Dough Mixer in India that you can find at Mangal Machines

Stainless Steel Atta Kneading Machine

This is a Compact durable mixer that can knead up to 30kg of flour in 10 mins. It has a high-single-phase electric motor with a stainless-steel body. It is an ideal machine for Hotels and Restaurants that must make Chapati, Parantha or Naan Bread.

Ezy cook Spiral Mixer

This powerful mixer can handle up to 40 litres of dough in one batch. It has a fixed stainless-steel bowl, a spiral hook, a digital timer and an emergency stop button. It is suitable for bakery and pizza shops that need to make bread or pizza dough.

Spiral bakery Mixers

This is a versatile and user-friendly mixer that can mix up to 25 kg of four in one cycle. It has a removable stainless bowl, a spiral hook and a digital control panel. In addition, It helps in making various types of dough for cakes, cookies, and pastries.

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Mangal Machines – Best Commercial Dough Mixer Manufacturer in India

Mangal Machines is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Commercial Dough mixers in India. We have been in the business for more than 20 years. We have earned a good reputation for quality, reliability as well as innovation.

Our dough mixers can handle various types of dough such as Wheat, Pizza and Pastry. All come in various capacities ranging from 5 kg to 200 kg. And features variable speed control, stainless steel, a safety guard and a timer.

In addition, we also offer after-sales services and support for our products ensuring customer satisfaction. We have a wide network of dealers and distributors across India and Nepal.

If you want to know more about Mangal Machines and our Commercial dough Mixer in India, you can contact us. You can dial +175 – 2360180 and request us for a free quote.

We are your ideal partner for your bakery requirements. Whether you run a small bakery or a large Industrial plant we have the right solution for you. You can order your commercial dough mixer in India from Mangal Machines today and experience the difference.

Factors to consider when Buying a Commercial dough Mixer in India

The Capacity of the mixer

How much dough do you need? The capacity of the mixer is measured by the weight of the flour and the volume of the bowl. Therefore, you should choose a mixer that can handle your daily production without overloading the dough.

The Type of the Mixer

There are two types of commercial dough mixers – Spiral and Planetary mixers. Spiral mixers have a spiral-shaped hook that rotates around a bowl. While Planetary mixers have a flat beater, a dough hook that rotates around a removable bowl.

Spiral Mixers are best for Bread and Pizza Dough. As they offer extra gluten development in addition to less heat technology.

Planetary Mixers are versatile. They can handle special sorts of dough which include cakes, cookies, pastries and so forth.

The strength supply of the mixer

Most business dough mixer in India runs on electricity. But some combinations additionally use gasoline or diesel. Therefore, you should always test the voltage of the mixer and make sure it suits your nearby strength supply.

In addition, you have to also keep in mind the power efficiency of the mixer’s energy performance. As they affect your operating costs and working environment.

The Features and accessories of the mixers

Depending upon your needs, you need to look out for a few extra add-ons and capabilities. That could increase the overall performance of your mixer. For example – a few mixers have a speed placing, emergency stop button, virtual controls and many others.

In addition, you need to also test out the guarantee and after-sale provider of the mixer. As they’ll depend upon the manufacturer and supplier.